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As we’ve expressed, we LOVE breakfast.  When in NOLA, we definitely recommend you visit the famous Camellia Grill.  It’s fantastic! Lunch or dinner, the food is delicious.

The Camellia Grill is a landmark diner in the Carrollton section of New Orleans. The Camellia Grill opened in 1946. Despite suffering little physical damage, the restaurant was closed after Hurricane Katrina until April 2007, when it reopened under new ownership. During this period of closure, the Camellia Grill’s front door was festooned with hundreds of notes from locals and tourists who missed it.

The restaurant only offers counter service and its staff is usually gregarious. It is well known for its long-serving waiters, the most famous of whom was probably Harry Tervalon, Sr., who was the first waiter hired in 1946, and who even after his 1996 retirement remained associated with the restaurant (including cutting the ribbon when the Grill finally reopened after Katrina), until his death in August 2007. The establishment is noted for such casual cuisine as giant omelettes, cheeseburgers, “freezes”, and pecan pie heated on the grill.

The NEW Camellia Grill in the French Quarter, located around the corner from our hotel (Omni Royal New Orleans)

The original Camellia Grill (uptown NOLA)

Our first trip to The Gamellia Grill, we both decided to get omelettes for breakfast.

Jeff’s veggie omelette with hash browns

Cristina’s egg white & spinach omelette

Our second trip to The Camellia Grill, we split a Chocolate Cherry Freeze & Chicken Strips for lunch.

We will be most definitely be trying to recreate this Chocolate Cherry Freeze… it was the best shake I’ve ever had.