17 Apr 1 Comment Cooking with Jeff and Cristina Cooking at Home

Yesterday, our received a smile from J Lynn and her blog From Skinny Fat to Fit.  Thanks J Lynn!  Click here to check our her post.

So now it’s our turn to write 5 random facts about ourselves & award this to other blogs that we enjoy.  Here it goes…

5 Facts About Cristina & Jeff

  1.  We are both from the same hometown (Shelton, CT) and were on the same swim team growing up, but we didn’t know each other.

  2.  We love to travel.  Together, we have visited Bermuda, Florida, and New Orleans, but plan to do a lot more traveling soon!

  3.  Cristina speaks Italian.  Jeff studied French in school- he knows enough to get by.  We really enjoy watching foreign films.  We also listen to a LOT of Italian music while we’re cooking/eating together.

  4.  Cristina works at a marketing agency & Jeff works as a financial planner.  Together, we make a perfect team!

  5.  We really enjoy wine, especially red wine.  We like learning about it & trying out new varieties.  Going into a liquor store is sometimes like going into a candy shop for us!

We award:

  1.  OmNomCT

  2.  My best friend Vanessa’s fashion blog, who chooses for her blog to remain nameless 🙂

  3.  Food Plus Beer 

  4.  Oh So Glam