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There’s nothing easier & more delicious than using a really great spice rub on meat and slappin’ it on the grill.  That’s exactly what we decided to do this past Sunday.  When we were in New Orleans, we visited this great little shop called The Spice & Tea Exchange and needless to say Cristina totally indulged and bought some really interesting new seasonings for us to try.

One of the most appealing seasonings we bought was the “Espresso Steak Rub”, which consists simply of black pepper, espresso beans, kosher salt, garlic, cliantro, smoked paprika, and espresso sugar.  Yum right?  And it would be pretty easy to make on your own as well.


-2 medium-sized steaks or about 1 pound (these were VERY thinly cut, so all together it was a little over 1 pound)

-Espresso Steak Rub Seasoning


-Evenly sprinkle the seasoning over the steaks and let marinate for 15-20 minutes

-Grill for about 2 mins per side, depending on how thick the steak is and how you like it cooked.

With our steaks we had roasted asparagus, salad, & quinoa.

Finally, paired with our meal we drank Cupcake Red Velvet, which goes nicely with red meats.  The smooth, creamy mocha finish of the Red Velvet compliments the Espresso Rub well.  The two are a perfect pair.

Buon’ Appetito!

-Cristina & Jeff