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Valencia Luncheria, located on Main Street in Norwalk, is a spot that Cristina and I have added to our weekend go-to spots. They have been featured on the Food Network and in The New York Times.  Valencia classifies their food as Venezuelan beach food, but the delight from their food is the same, regardless of the destination.  It is a bright, fun atmosphere that puts you in a great mood just by walking in the door.  We will often get take-out on a nice day so we can eat outside at our place or at the beach.  If you do decide to dine in, it is B.Y.O.B. or for non-alcoholic refreshment, they offer all kinds of fresh juices.  Their prices are very reasonable, but they are cash only, so plan accordingly.

So what do you order at a Venezuelan beach food spot? The answer is everything on the menu.  We recommend any of the arepas, empanadas and sandwiches. Arepas are handmade corn cakes, which are fried and sliced in half to house many different fillings ranging from meats to seafood to veggies.  Empanadas are pastry dough stuffed with savory or sweet fillings.  The sandwiches and wraps are excellent options, as they are a bit more filling and are perfect for splitting.

A few specific recommendations:


Carlo (Cristina’s favorite)

Carne Mechada – shredded beef


Pernil – Venezuelan pork roast


Chipotle pork

Chorizo and Pepper

Beef Picadillo


Valencia Wrap

The only drawback to this place is that it is very small inside.  However, the gods have listened to our prayers and Valencia is now moving to a new, much larger location a few doors down on Main Street, which was formerly a Chinese restaurant.  Starting sometime in mid-May there will be plenty more space for dining in.  To learn more about Valencia’s new location, click here.  Check out Valencia seven days a week for breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy exceptional eats that won’t break the bank.

Let us know what your favorites are if you have been already or once you check it out!

Valencia Luncheria 

Website: http://www.valencialuncheria.com/

Address: 164 Main St  Norwalk, CT 06851

Phone: (203) 846-8009

Do they take reservations? Only for tables over 6

Attire?  Casual

Vibe? Relaxed, Casual, Medium Noise


Mon thru Thurs 6am–9pm
Fri 6am–10pm
Sat 7am–10pm
Sun 8am–8pm
Bar open later