As you’ve probably realized, it’s very rare that we eat pasta in our house.  But when you have fresh pasta to work with, there’s really nothing like it.

We found that fresh pasta is now being sold at Stew Leonard’s (it’s practically the ONLY place we grocery shop).  So we had to try it. We decided to keep it simple and get get some fettucine.

Yum.  Ok, so the next order of business is deciding on how to make it.  If we’re going to have pasta, it’s gotta be worth it.  We also buy Stew’s Naked Chicken Sausage frequently- they have many flavor varieties like Buffalo, Spinach & Garlic, Roasted Pepper, etc.  I happened to have a pack of Spinach & Garlic… perfect.

I decided to cut up the chicken sausage into small pieces and brown them up in a pan with some extra virgin olive oil.

We like them nice and toasty.

While the chicken sausage was browning up, we cooked our pasta.  Make sure you put salt in the water.  Easy enough.

After the chicken sausage was browned to our liking, we added some white wine & chicken broth (low-sodium) into the pan and more extra virgin olive oil to make the sauce for the pasta and let that simmer on low heat.

As soon as the pasta was done, we drained it, keeping a cup of the boiled water.  We then added the pasta right into the pan with the chicken sausage & sauce, along with the some of the left over water.  Mix thoroughly.  Depending on how much pasta you have (we only had 2 portions), you’ll want to add more extra-virgin olive oil.  Add some black pepper and crushed red pepper.  If needed, add more salt.  Then top with fresh chopped parsley- we like to be generous with the fresh herbs.

Finally, top with fresh grated cheese. DONE!

Buon’Appetito 🙂

-Jeff & Cristina