Ever stand in your kitchen looking at your cabinets and say: “okay I have this, this & this… now what can I do with it?” We ALL have those days. Jeff & I like to make a game out of it – and it just so happens that the other night was one of those nights. We had the following ingredients:

-Whole wheat pasta

-Cannelloni Beans

-1 bunch of Kale

-A bag of frozen shrimp

Those are pretty excellent ingredients to work with so we had fun with it!

First, boil the bunch of kale so it’s bright in color and a softer texture. Drain the water and place to the side to cool.

Next, boil your pasta. Drain and save 1 cup of pasta water.

Then clean & remove the shells from the shrimp. Pat to dry.

Cook your shrimp in a little olive oil. When they are almost done, throw in some chopped garlic. Let that cook for a minute. Then add a 1/4 cup white wine & crushed red pepper to taste. Note: we happened to have chipotle red pepper flakes… which were awesome and gave the dish a little smoky kick!

While that’s going, chop up the kale into bite sized pieces. Throw them into the pan with your shrimp.

Add the cannelloni beans, a little bit of the pasta water, and the pasta. Let simmer for a minute & mix thoroughly.

Serve with a glass of wine… of course! Red or white works 9Apps Download, but white would be the best pairing with this light meal.

Basta! That’s it 🙂 Mangiamo!