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Looking for a really good appetizer?  Perhaps something summery and not too fussy?  Well here you have it.


Butter (Salted)

Fresh sage

Crushed Red Pepper

Finely chopped garlic


Let clams sit in cold water with a handful of kosher salt for about 1-2 hours so they spit out all the dirt.  Then, scrub each clam and set to the side.

Simply set the clams on the grill and let grill until they pop open.  Close the grill cover to trap in the heat.  When they pop open, that’s your key to take them off the grill.

Next, make your butter sauce.  Depending on how many clams you have (we only had 8), melt a few tablespoons of butter, then add in some chopped sage and garlic.  Then season to how you like it.  We like crushed red pepper, but you can do black pepper too.  Salt isn’t necessary because clams are typically already pretty salty.

Drizzle the butter sauce to cover the clams inside the shells.

And they’re ready to eat!  We recommend serving these with a crisp, light white wine.