Warning: This recipe is … hands down … the BEST spaghetti and clams recipe. And we mean it!  Best you’ll ever have.  Enough said.

Step #1: Get our some wine glasses.

Step #2: Fill your glasses with some cold, crisp white wine (i.e. Frascati)

COMINCIAMO (Now let’s begin) !!!

Ingredients: (serves 2)

1/2 pound fresh linguine

Handful fresh parsley

2 dozen littleneck clams (you can also use the New Zealand cockles)

1/4 cup of dry white wine

Olive Oil

1 handful of tomatoes, chopped (can be cherry, grape, or plum)

Crushed red pepper

Fresh black pepper

Salt to taste (be careful – you won’t need much)


To start, prep your ingredients.  Chop garlic in long, thin slices, along with chopping up your tomatoes and fresh parsley.

After you let the clams sit in cold water with a handful of kosher salt for about 1-2 hours, scrub each clam one at a time and set aside.

Next, sauté the garlic in olive oil in a pan along with crushed red pepper (to taste).  You’ll want to add the crushed red pepper at this stage because the olive oil will pick up the spiciness best.

While you do this, start boiling your pasta water.

Next, add in the clams, chopped tomatoes, and half of the fresh parsley.

Add in white wine and cover.  Make sure you keep your cover handy – it gets messy!

Now you can start cooking your pasta.  Make sure you water has hit a rapid boil. 

Check on the clams.  As they start to open up, take them out and keep to the side. You don’t want them to get overcooked because they’ll get rubbery.  

Almost there!  Drain your pasta, keeping 1 cup of pasta water on the side, and put the pasta back in the pot.  Slowly add everything in your pan into the pot along with the pasta. You may need to add in a little of the pasta water if it looks too dry.  But here, we had plenty of juice to go around!  

Serve with a light, crisp white wine.  We recommend Frascati, an inexpensive, great Italian white!