When you do it right, stuffed artichokes are amazing.  If they don’t come out right, it’s a whole lot of work for… well… nothing.

In our family, we usually eat our grandmothers’ stuffed artichokes around the holidays… or whenever artichokes are in season (summer/fall).  We’d suggest starting with baby artichokes vs. full size artichokes due to cook time and tenderness.  However, we took our first whack at stuffed artichokes with full-sized artichokes.  So fair warning: these are not really that “easy” to make.


-2 artichokes (we recommend baby artichokes)


-Fresh grated parmesan cheese & mozzarella cheese

-Fresh parsley, chopped

-Olive oil

-A dash of water

-Salt & pepper

-Crushed red pepper


Frist, thoroughly wash each artichoke and dry.  Next, cut off the bottom of the artichoke with a sharp knife.  Be very careful.  You’ll also want to remove the bottom layer of leaves towards the base of the stem.  See below:

Next, cut off the very top of each leave to remove the sharp edges with a pair of scissors.  This is a tedious, but very necessary step.

Ok, so now your artichokes are clean. Time to make your stuffing!

In a large bowl, mix together 1 – 2 cups of breadcrumbs (depending on how big your artichokes are).  Add a dash of lukewarm water and about 1 -2 tablespoons of olive oil.  This will help make the breadcrumb stick together.  Then mix in a large handful of chopped parsley and grated cheese to taste.  Finish with salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper.  Now you can use your fingers to stuff the artichoke.

Use your fingers to pull apart the leaves from the center.  Loosen up the leaves so there’s room for the stuffing.  Insert the stuffing wherever you can fit it.  If you need more stuffing, just make another batch!  No biggie.

Time to cook!  In a large pot, place the artichokes at the very bottom of the pot and fill up the water to half way up the artichoke.  Cover the pot and boil for about 1 hour.  If the artichokes are on the bigger side, you may need to cook them for an hour and a half.

Remove from the pot carefully and drain the water.  Try to not let the artichokes fall on their side into the water.  Enjoy!