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As we pulled up to the PATH Coffee Roasters it was unclear what we would encounter inside the large non-descript building.  After meeting Jason in the lobby and winding through the halls, we emerged onto the storage and roasting floor.  The aroma that hit us in the face was one of the most amazing I’ve ever experienced.  It was like walking into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, with more coffee and fewer oompa-loompas…  After heading up the stairs to their office and roasting laboratory, we were given an education on the ins and outs of selecting and roasting some of the finest coffee beans on earth.  Johnny, the roast master, walked us through the art form of roasting raw coffee beans.  He prepared a small batch of the Kenyan Kikai beans while we watched. Jason even made us a sample cup of the coffee we just roasted.  He prepared it in the simplest of methods, which just pouring hot water over fresh ground beans through a filter.  Simple is apparently better in some cases, as it was one of the most flavorful cups of coffee I have ever tasted.  The flavor profile had so much depth and complexity, more than anything I have had possibly ever, a bold statement to be sure.


After testing the Kenyan roast, it was hard to imagine something that could rival it in the near future.  Just then, the Italian-made espresso machine was fired up.   This provided the means for us to get a taste of the Feather in Cap Espresso.  We’ve had many a shot of espresso over the years growing up in very Italian households.  Unlike the often bitter, biting espresso roasts that are all too common, this version was something much more delicate with notes of brown sugar, currant and buttered toast.  This is accomplished by blending some of their best beans from Central America, Africa and Indonesia.  I assure you that this roast is on another level from anything you’ve ever been served either at home or in some of the finest restaurants.

Here is the Fall Menu of offerings that Path offers via their website:

  • La Camiseta, Panama
  • Konga, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
  • Korgua, Papua New Guinea
  • San Juanillo, Costa Rica
  • Crosshatch Blend
  • Feather in Cap Espresso
  • Synchronic Decaf
image (13)

Burlap bags of coffee at the roasting warehouse.

image (14)

That’s a LOT of coffee

image (15)

Taking a tour of the warehouse

image (16)

straight from Colombia… doesn’t get fresher

image (17)

Getting a first-hand look of the roasting process

image (18)

image (2)

Cristina with Jason & Johnny

image (3)

The owners – Jason & Johnny

image (4)

The best cappuccino. ever.

image (6)

Here’s an example of their packaging, which provides all the details you need to know about the beans.

image (7)

Our first taste. What a difference good coffee makes!

image (12)

image (9)

Learning about the pour-over process.

image (10)

Similar to a regular coffee pot, the coffee bubbles as the water makes its way through

image (19)


image (17)


image (13)


image (18)

Sample roasts

image (14)image (16)


A collection of our favorites!

Want to learn more about coffee and the roasting process?  Path even offers classes for those coffee lovers out there!  It’s a 2 hour class that teaches the importance of the selection process, the variables when roasting & brewing, etc.  You’ll even leave with your very own pour-over brewer and a sample of coffee.  To learn more, visit:  https://pathcoffees.com/pages/public-calendar-event?id=30

To learn more about PATH Coffee Roasters, visit https://pathcoffees.com/.  Currently, they are selling wholesale online only, but stay tuned for where to buy locally!