As someone who is always looking for good French food (I’m born on Bastille day – 7/14), it’s always a challenge to find a good spot!  I’m happy to report that there’s a new French restaurant in lower Fairfield County… and it’s awesome.

Rouge Brasserie & Oyster Bar in Greenwich, CT (Port Chester line) takes a modern approach to traditional French cuisine.  Yes, you can find your normal French dishes, but they’ve each got a little modern flair to them.  It’s a nice balance between new and old – so every one is happy!


Broken Heart Margarita – tequila, elderflower liquor, lime, contrieau, raspberry, grape, and pink peppercorns


French Kiss – gin, while lillet, elderflower liquor, fresh grapefruit

To start the dinner off, we were served with some delicious french baguettes with butter, cornichons, and radishes.  How French!? 😉


French bread & butter, cornichons, and radishes

The first dish that came out were the Fish Eggs & Chips.  Honestly, I don’t think I would have ever ordered this on my own, but I’m so glad I got to try it!  They were very delicate with just the right amount of salt.  So far, so good!


Fish Eggs & Chips – served over house made potato chips with creme fraiche

Then… the Plateaux De Fruits De Mer.  OMG.  Jeff and I just love seafood, so we our eyes light up like a child’s would in a toy store!  The seafood was definitely high quality – it was so fresh and delicious.  I could easily make a meal out of just this!


Plateux de Fruits De Mer – Jumbo shrimp, crab, lobster, oysters, and clams. OMG!

Moving on…

The Steak Tartare.  WOW!  People are used to tuna tartare, but you rarely see steak tartare on the menu.  This was a home run for us.  The crispy bread was perfect with the tartare.  Definitely our second favorite of the night.


Classic Steak Tartare – hand cut prime filet with charred country toast


Steak Tartare

I’ve been eating escargot since I was a little girl because my grandparents lived next door to a French couple growing up, so I used to eat their escargot on holidays and special occasions.  I used to call them “the little buggies”.  So not only do I have an acquired taste for it, but if you just give it a chance, it really is delicious!

I think this was a really nice change up from the traditional escargot.  I mean, you’re going to use the bread to soak up the butter anyway, so why not serve it on breads?!  Good thinking!

Don’t get my wrong, butter is great (that’s what French food is, right!? BUTTER, BUTTER, BUTTER), but I would have used a bit less on these.  A little overboard with the butter, but of course delicious!


Escargots Bourguigon – shallot parsley, butter



My next favorite dish was the Warm Onion Tart.  PERFECTION.  It was almost like a pizza with caramelized onions & arugula … loved it!  I was so happy to see it served on the pizza-like bread vs. a phyllo dough.


Warm Onion Tart – tomato confit, nicoise olives

Mussels can be tricky.  When done correctly, they can be fantastic!  But one bad mussel can be the be all, end all.

These mussels were perfect!  They were served with french fries, which were delicious.  BUT I could have also gone for a piece of french bread to dip into the white wine juice. YUM!


Moules Frites – white wine, garlic, and fine herbs



The wines… fabulous.  I really enjoyed the Domaine Saint-Lannes – it was light and crisp and the perfect white wine to go with all this great food!


Chateau Gobert Bourdeaux


Domaine Saint-Lannes

For dinner, we were served the Skate (pictured below) and the Short Rib Bourguignon, which was simmered in red wine with pearl onions and truffled potatoes.  We’ve been seeing short rib at a LOT of restaurants and we really enjoy it!  The Skate was delicious – lemony & topped with fresh herbs … fantastic!


Skate Meuniere – parsley, new potatoes & lemon brown butter

For dessert, we were served with a chocolate French custard topped with fresh whipped cream.  It was nice and light, which was good because we were obviously stuffed at this point!


Chocolate French Custard

So overall, we had a really lovely evening at Rouge Brasserie & Oyster Bar.  We’ll certainly be back!  Cheers to Chef Josh!

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Executive Chef Josh Moulton


The Oyster Bar


Learning about the inspiration of the decor …

Rouge Brasserie & Oyster Bar


Address: 230 Mill Street, Greenwich, Connecticut 06830

Phone: (203) 813-3555

Do they take reservations?  Yes

Attire? Business Casual

Vibe?  Trendy, Chic

Hours: Tue – Sun: 5:30 pm – 11:00 pm