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With all of the vodkas in the world, it is hard for anything new to distinguish itself these days.  The benchmark seems to be the less burning you taste, the better the vodka.  There are not the same type descriptions of taste or aromas like one might find when discussing a good bourbon or wine.

That all has officially changed….


Truuli Vodka is made with pure Alaskan glacial water from Eklutna Lake.  Add to the mix Delta Junction Barley and Chugach wildflower honey, both local to Alaska, and you get a taste like no other vodka out there.  It has all of the smoothness of the other top shelf vodkas on the market but the beautiful silky finish and taste that the barley and honey provide.  There are floral notes from the wildflower honey that make this vodka something you can sip and really enjoy at room temperature all by itself.  Truuli challenges us to take the next step in tasting vodkas just as we taste wines.

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The passion that goes into making this vodka was apparent when we met the distiller, Cesar, an industry veteran that was responsible for making Stolichnaya the brand that is today.  He has worked for PepsiCo and has his own vineyard.  When we asked him why other brands brag about distilling multiple times, he had a simple and great answer.  “I guess they just couldn’t get it right the first time…Because they start with ingredients that have many impurities, it takes multiple rounds of distilling to get it to be as smooth as it needs to be.”

The mantra behind Truuli Peak is simply using quality ingredients in a state of the art distillery with copper stills.  It ferments like wine, unlike the competition, who use neutral grain spirits as their base and refine it from there.

Truuli Peak has the benefit of having an authentic story that just needs to be told and tasted.  Once you taste it, it’s hard to go back.

Throughout our night, we experimented with many different mixed drinks that utilized the Truuli.  Long story short, if it’s amazing by itself at room temperature, you can probably guess that it mixes well with pretty much anything.  My recommendation is to mix it with things that show off the flavors of the vodka, not mask them.

So the question on your mind should be: where do I get it?

The good news is that it making its way through most good liquor stores in CT and expected to be in NY on March 1st.  It is already available in the Pacific Northwest.

How much can you expect to pay?  How does $39.99 sound?  Pretty good to me since it’s right in the same price range as the other top shelf brands.

We recommend that you go out there and give it a try.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Here are some photos from the launch party @ Post 154 in Westport, CT:

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