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The first time I ever heard of vanilla ice cream with balsamic vinegar, I was living the dream in Firenze, Italy and traveling Europe.  I truly can remember those days like yesterday, as those were definitely some of the best days of my life.  We recreated this delicious treat at my parents’ house last weekend.  My mom made homemade vanilla bean ice cream, and we drizzled it with a bit of Cavedoni Saba.

While we were touring Castellina in Chianti and visiting all the wonderful vineyards, each vineyard would typically sit the group of visitors down for a small tasting of their “tipica” dishes or specialities.  Traditionally, some of these items were jams, honey, and cheeses.  But in some lucky cases… we tasted balsamic vinegar.  And I mean, this is not just ANY balsamic vinegar.  We’re talking aged, REAL Italian balsamic vinegar.  Like… stupid good.

Here are some photos from back in 2008!

While we were visiting the Mohegan Sun Winfest, we happened to [drunkenly] stumble across the Cavedoni Balsamic Vinegar table.  And thank god we did!

Since 1860, six generations of the Cavedoni family have been producing award-winning traditional balsamic vinegars in their ancient loft in Castelvetro, near Modena, Italy.  The Cavedoni line of Balsamic Vinegars ranges from the legendary 100 year-old “La Dama” to a variety of infused balsamic condiments and the original award-winning balsamic vinegar “Botte Piccola”. It goes with out saying that Cavedoni produces a Balsamic Vinegar for every culinary purpose, taste, and price point.

Cavedoni’s Saba is the culmination of many generations of the Cavedoni family’s artisanship to produce what is arguably the finest Saba available. The Cavedoni Saba has starting notes of cinnamon and clove finishing hints of apple and pear. As a sweet condiment, it works wonderfully on strawberries and ice cream, as a glaze on duck or chicken, on stuffed dates with goat cheese and garlic, and our favorite, drizzled on soft creamy goat cheese.  YUM!

Don’t worry, you can buy it right online!  Click here to view & purchase ALL Cavedoni’s balsamic vinegars.

Oh… and don’t forget to garnish with a fresh leaf of basil!