As you all know, Red Zinfandel is hands down our favorite variety of wine.  We like big bold flavors that tend to be on the heavy side.  Don’t get us wrong, we like lighter wines too, but there’s nothing better than sitting down with a big glass of big bold red zin (or some type of blend).

While perusing our new favorite store on earth, Total Wines & More in Norwalk, CT, we noticed a new bottle that we hadn’t yet tried.  And that’s ArtiZin Zinfandel.

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Grapes: Blend of grapes from Amador, Mendocino Counties, and Sanoma’s Dry Creek.

Tasting Notes: Fresh and fruity with black pepper, spice, and raspberry jam. Lingering fruit and texture. Rich & vibrant.

Pairings: Spicy meats, pastas, stews, and full-bodied dishes

Price: ~$16.99


Happy Friday!!  Cheers.

-Cristina & Jeff