When the weather gets nice, we like to grill as much as possible.  On the first nice April day this year, I decided to make a little something different for dinner.  This was a great, easy meal that’s healthy and light.  Here’s what you’ll need:


1 lb large  or jumbo shrimp

2 green or yellow squash

Fresh ground black pepper

Sea salt

Crushed red pepper

2 TBSP extra virgin olive oil

Spray olive oil

Turkish spice blend (available from Penzeys Spices – salt, garlic, cumin, Telicherry black pepper, Turkish oregano, sweet paprika, sumac, cayenne red pepper, and cilantro)

Juice of 1 lemon

2 large handfuls of mixed greens



First, you will need to clean the shrimp.  Pat them dry and season well with the Turkish season blend (similar blend with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper with suffice as well).  Set aside and begin to slice the squash lengthwise.  Slice to a thickness of about 1/8th of an inch.  Next, spray both sides of the squash with olive oil.  Then season with salt, black pepper, and a dash of crushed red pepper.

Light your grill and get it to about 500 degrees.  Put your squash on first and grill each side until it’s soft and has some good grill marks, about 3 minutes per side.

Once the squash is done, set aside and keep warm.  Place the shrimp on the grill and cook each side enough to turn them pink, about 2 minutes per side.  Remove and keep warm as well.

Place your mixed greens on the plates and drizzle with the lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.  Season with fresh ground pepper and lightly toss.  Arrange the squash over the greens and finish with the shrimp on top of the squash.  Serve and enjoy the taste of spring!

  • Jeff

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