Not far from the beating heart of Barcelona, Spain is the Penedès region where many of the best Catalan wines are produced.  Taking a short side trip from our base in Barcelona, we headed to the rolling hills outside of the bustling metropolis.

After navigating a few of the region’s main arteries and NUMEROUS roundabouts, we emerged in a serene setting of vineyards as far as the eye could see.

The first stop on our Catalan viniculture adventure was Torres, a family vineyard that has grown to be one of the largest in all of Spain with sister vineyards on both sides of the Atlantic.  Since there was no real GPS address for the vineyard, we missed our tour.  So we made the best of it and waited for the next tour at the Torres restaurant called Cal Cassoles.  This was an unexpected treat as we were hungry and in need of a glass of good wine.

When the menus came out, we looked at each other with a blank stare.  The menu was entirely in Catalan.  Now, if you speak Italian or Spanish, you’d think you would be able to figure it out, right?  NO.  Catalan is a very unique, ancient language that is still kept alive by the people in the Barcelona region of Spain.  Luckily, our waiter spoke great English, so he helped us out greatly.  For just 12 Euros per person, we chose 3 courses – an app, entree, and dessert …. as well as a full pitcher of local wine.  Yeah, it didn’t suck.

I decided to try the pasta with bolognese sauce and pork cutlet topped with a unique almond sauce and roasted potatoes.  Cristina went for the rice salad with roasted peppers and fried sardines with couscous.  The food was incredible and so different from anything we’ve ever tasted (or even would put together).  The interesting thing about the food of this region is the combination of Moorish and Catalan spices and flavors.  For dessert, Cristina had a piece of watermelon and I had a lemon cake.  DELICIOUS.

Now we were ready for our wine tasting.  Torres is no joke of a vineyard.  The tasting experience is like an adult Disney World of Wine, complete with state of the art fiber-optics and sense technology… oh, and a tram ride narrated in at least 10 languages.

But seriously, the wines were amazing.  Torres is a vineyard that really does it all.  They make a multitude of varieties of wine and have an unparalleled commitment to sustainable agriculture.  Our favorites that we tasted were the Fransola, Viña Esmeralda, Salmos, and the Mas La Plana.

To view all of the Torres wines, click here.

We even took home a few bottles (obviously).  But we couldn’t help ourselves when we saw the Floralis – a Moscatel Oro.  We’re so glad we took the gamble on it because when we got home and opened it, it was SO worth it!


After a couple of hours of drinking delicious wines, we had to get on our way to our next destination.  We absolutely LOVED Torres and recommend that you visit on your next trip to Barcelona.  The entire experience was a pleasure and we hope to get back there soon!  From the staff, to the grounds, to the wines, we were so impressed with all the Torres had to offer.