The Portuguese do one type of cuisine really, really well.  And that’s seafood.  The Portuguese seafood is no joke.  Jeff and I were determined to eat a lot of foods typical of the area … and fortunately we LOVE seafood.  But not only do they have fantastic seafood, but they make really delicious sausage too.  And paired with a nice, crisp Vinho Verde, there’s just nothin’ like it.

Our first stop of the day was for lunch at a restaurant called Chez Lapin (House of the Rabbit).  And rabbit is actually a very typical dish of Porto.  Located right on the water, this restaurant really delivered on our expectations of some delicious Portuguese food.  And the view wasn’t bad either!

Here’s what we ate:

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Yes, I know.  That was just lunch.

Every single thing that came out blew us away.  Our eyes were certainly bigger than our stomachs, but we couldn’t leave much behind.  It was all just too delicious!  My favorites were definitely the shrimp in oil, lemon, and garlic and the mussels.  Jeff really loved the Chourico Flambe, which you cook at the table yourself.

How it works: Using a special dish, you slowly turn a skewer of meat over over flaming high-proof alcohol.

Unusual, but brilliant!

For dinner, we got a recommendation to visit a restaurant called Abadia, named after an abbey.   And this restaurant didn’t get more authentic.  Since it was located off the beaten path in Porto, it was not touristy and had a very diverse menu of local specialties.  I decided to go with the grilled octopus (I ate a LOT of grilled octopus during our trip) and Jeff went with the grilled rabbit.  Both choices were fantastic.  To end our meal, we ordered the flourless dark chocolate cake, one of the restaurant’s specialties.  In fact, they’ve even won awards for this chocolate cake.  And yes, it was amazing.

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We definitely you check out these two restaurants if you are in Porto.  Porto is a fantastic city filled with beautiful sights, restaurants, and wine.  The best part about Porto is that it’s so unruined.  You truly are immersed in the culture the moment you walk into the city.  There’s great shopping, great views, and very nice people.  I just love it’s vibe of the city.  And even though it’s very small, it’s actually the second largest city in Portugal (behind Lisbon).

Porto 2-12

Already looking forward to our next visit!