There are few things on earth that we enjoy more than a good pizza.  We are, without a doubt, pizza snobs.  Oh – and wine.  Can’t forget about wine.

We have Jeff’s mother to thank for that…

We’ve had pizza & vino everywhere between New Haven and New York City, and from the Italian Alps to Puglia!  We’re happy to report that Brick + Wood delivers an authentic taste of Neapolitan pizza courtesy of their amazingly flavorful dough and expertly crafted brick oven.  It’s all in the name – a brick oven powered by wood.

Before we dove into the great food, we had a chance to taste their cocktails crafted by our friend, Nicole.  And they are always served with a laugh and a smile.

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There are a nice variety that can satisfy a wide range of thirsts.  For the sweeter drinkers, the Fichi Caldi Martini was a nice choice.  For those looking for a something a bit stronger, The Brick with Bulleit Rye has a nice kick with a great freshness thanks to the mint.  If you are more in the mood for a glass of wine, Brick + Wood is the only place in CT that offers wine on tap!  With a much larger selection thanks to the tap system, any wine drinker can find something to fit their tastes.

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Let’s talk about the wine.  Something unique to Brick + Wood is the fact that they serve wine on TAP!  How cool is that?!  It’s not a huge wine menu, but it’s a great one for pairing with Italian street food.  They even do flights!

In addition to the great drinks and excellent pizza, this place offers a few other of our favorite things – real Neapolitan street food including homemade burrata, panzerotti, and arancini!  The last time we had panzerotti before Brick + Wood was in Milan!  We love panzerotti and is something hard to find, so we were very excited to try it.  They were true to their cousins across the pond … light and not too oily.  We also sampled the fritto misto that really took fried calamari to the next level.  The arancini was a big hit as well as they have a few different takes on classic arancini.  The one we tried was stuffed with four cheeses and actually served with vodka sauce – home run!

If great pizza and street food wasn’t enough, Brick + Wood makes their own burrata!  If you’ve never had burrata before, it is an amazing type of mozzarella that has a firm outside with a creamy filling.  It melts in your mouth and is one of our favorite cheeses.  Not only does Brick + Wood make burrata, they make a truffle burrata!  It is unlike any other burrata we’ve have ever had.  The truffle was just right, not too overpowering.  It doesn’t get fresher and totally melts in your mouth!

After all of these great treats for appetizers, it was hard to believe that we still had great pizzas to try.  We had three different pizzas that night.  The Margherita, Spicy Pizza, and the Mare e Monte rolled out of the kitchen looking gorgeous.  The dough is unmistakably Neapolitan.  The crust is crispy but still has a nice chewiness to it.  They cook the pizzas very quickly as to get a nice char but not make dough too hard.  We thoroughly enjoyed the Mare e Monte with shrimp, corn and crispy panchetta.  It had a sweet and salty taste courtesy of the corn and panchetta, in particular.  The Spicy Pizza had an inventive array of sopressata, prosciutto, bacon, and jalapeno topped with a drizzle of red pepper infused honey.

However, you can never go wrong with a Margarita.

Finally, we had two great desserts to finish our meal.  We had a peanut butter and nutella pizza as well as a maple cheesecake.  The dessert pizza had the same great crust as the other pizzas with a great blend of sweetness.  We love anything with nutella and this did not disappoint.  This is a MUST when visiting Brick + Wood.

The maple cheesecake was light and had a nice crust on the bottom.  Simple and delicious.

Overall, we had a great experience at Brick + Wood and we definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoys great pizza and excellent mozzarella.  They lived up to the hype that we had heard before visiting ourselves.  Check them out and have a burrata for us!!

Brick + Wood

Address: 1275 Post Road #7,

Fairfield, CT 06824

Phone: 203-939-1400


Price: $$

Do they take reservations?  No

Attire:  Casual

Vibe: Energetic, Comfortable

Outdoor Seating? Yes, in warmer seasons


Closed Monday

Tues – Sat: 11:30 – 3 & 5 – Closing

Sunday: 5 – Closing