Ruby Red Angel

This time of year, I always come back to one of my favorite spirits, TEQUILA!  There are many great tequilas out there these days.  One that stands out for me is Gran Centenario Rosangel.  It is unique in that it is 100% Agave Reposado tequila that is hibiscus infused and finished in port wine barrels! This past weekend while it was 80 degrees out and beautiful, I got some inspiration to make a cocktail utilizing this nectar from Mexico.  Since we had one of my favorite fruits, ruby red grapefruit in the house, I figured that would be a good

Vanilla Java Porter Ice Cream Float

Our favorite beer these days is [hands down] Atwater Brewery Vanilla Java Porter.  It’s honestly the most delicious beer on the face of the planet.  It’s the perfect combination of vanilla with a little coffee – you’ve gotta try it! The other night when we were just hanging out at home, Jeff said to me “You know what I really want…??”.  And he just came up with it out of thin air.  So we hopped in the car and took a drive over to Stew Leonard’s to pick up some plain vanilla ice cream.  I was happy to oblige.  It

Truuli Good Vodka

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With all of the vodkas in the world, it is hard for anything new to distinguish itself these days.  The benchmark seems to be the less burning you taste, the better the vodka.  There are not the same type descriptions of taste or aromas like one might find when discussing a good bourbon or wine. That all has officially changed…. Truuli Vodka is made with pure Alaskan glacial water from Eklutna Lake.  Add to the mix Delta Junction Barley and Chugach wildflower honey, both local to Alaska, and you get a taste like no other vodka out there.  It has all of the smoothness of

Rob Collins Cocktail

Happy Friday!  Lately, we’ve really been into St. Germain.  St. Germain is a great add to a nice dry Cava or Champagne. It brings a touch of sweetness and depth to anything really. For an everyday cocktail option, we mixed it up with some Hendrick’s Gin. Ingredients:  3 parts gin or vodka (we used Hendrick’s Gin) 1 part St. Germain 3/4 parts freshly squeezed lime juice Top with club soda Directions: Shake the first three ingredients with ice and strain the mixture into a Collins glass over fresh ice.  Top with soda.  For the traditional drink, garnish with a lemon

Fresh Lime Margaritas

Happy Friday!  It’s been a crazy week, so why not celebrate tonight with some fresh lime margaritas?  Believe us, they taste so much better with fresh ingredients vs. pre-made mixes.  And it’s so easy to make your own… we promise! Ingredients: (serves 2) The juice of 3 limes 2 lime wedges Salt 2 shots good silver tequila (we recommend 1800 Silver) 2 shots triple sec Directions: Shake the juice of 3 limes, tequila, and triple sec over ice for about 30 seconds.  Line the rim of the glass with a lime wedge and dip the rim of the glass into

C&J’s Espresso Martinis

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Happy Black Friday!  We hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  For all you crazies who are out shopping today, you may need one of these when you get home! One drink that Jeff and I like to spoil ourselves with are espresso martinis.  BUT… they need to be made properly.  No espresso flavored vodka – that’s cheating.  We like them made with real espresso and very little cream.  We like our espresso martinis black like we like our coffee vs. light in color.  That way, they are not too sweet. Ingredients: (makes 2) 2 shots of real espresso (can

Belgium Beer

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Vol de Nuit in NYC is a great Belgian Beer Lounge nestled in the West Village not far from Washington Square Park.  We’ve visited the bar a few times before and is always one of our favorite hidden gems. Belgian beers vary from pale lager to lambic beer and Flemish red. There are approximately 178 breweries in the country, ranging from international giants to microbreweries. Cristina is not an experienced beer drinker, but is open to trying new things. She tried the Leffe Blonde and really liked it.  Jeff loves the blue label Chimay.

Cucumber Cup

Since this Sunday is the polo match at the Greenwich Polo Club, a Pimm’s Cup is the perfect fit for the featured Friday beverage.  However, this is our version of the classic Pimm’s Cup, inspired by a drink that I tried last year at BJ Ryan’s in Norwalk, CT.  YUM! The drink to order at polo matches, this fruity concoction gets its name and its alcohol content from Pimm’s No. 1, a British spirit. You can find it at any well-stocked liquor store. Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups Pimm’s No. 1 3/4 cup firmly packed mint leaves and tender stems 1 1/2

The Italian “Spritz”

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The Spritz (German: “splash” / “sparkling”) is a wine-based cocktail commonly served as an aperitif in northern Italy, especially in the Veneto region and surrounding areas. The drink is prepared with white wine (generally a Pinot Grigio delle tre Venezie or Tocai) or Prosecco wine, a dash of some bitter liqueur such as Aperol, Campari, Gran Classico, Select or Cynar. The glass is then topped off with sparkling mineral water. It is usually served over ice in a lowball glass (or sometimes a martini glass or wine glass) and garnished a slice of orange, or sometimes an olive, depending on

The Perfect Summer-tini

The ingredients say it all…. -2 parts Finlandia Mango Vodka -1 dash of Pama -Splash of Trop50 lemonade -Muddled mint -Lime wedge for garnish Directions: In a large ice shaker, combine all the ingredients and shake thoroughly- about 1-2 minutes.  Meanwhile, chill your martini glass in the freezer or put a few ice cubes and cold water in it for a few minutes.  Then, pour the mix into your favorite martini glass… now ENJOY 🙂

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