Brick + Wood’s Featured Chef Series

Tonight launches the first Brick + Wood’s local chef series where a guest Chef from a neighboring restaurant will showcase a unique pizza to be served on one specific night.  Such a cool idea and a great way to support local culinary talent!  Check out the lineup below:   We’ll be sure to be there to route on our favorite chefs and try their signature pies! -Cristina & Jeff

Love Life {and pizza} – Brick + Wood in Fairfield, CT

There are few things on earth that we enjoy more than a good pizza.  We are, without a doubt, pizza snobs.  Oh – and wine.  Can’t forget about wine. We have Jeff’s mother to thank for that… We’ve had pizza & vino everywhere between New Haven and New York City, and from the Italian Alps to Puglia!  We’re happy to report that Brick + Wood delivers an authentic taste of Neapolitan pizza courtesy of their amazingly flavorful dough and expertly crafted brick oven.  It’s all in the name – a brick oven powered by wood. Before we dove into the

Hana Tokyo – Fairfield, CT

Ever since the first time I went to a Japanese hibachi restaurant in California as a child, I always get a bit giddy when I walk into one.  There’s something about all of the sights, sounds and smells that hibachi brings out.  Who doesn’t enjoy some fire on a grill in front of you or sake from a squeeze bottle?  Last week I had the chance to check out a Hana Tokyo in Fairfield, which combines a nicely appointed sushi bar with a dining room of hibachi tables. Upon walking into Hana Tokyo, I was greeted warmly by their staff and promptly

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